Going to step outside my closet for a moment. I've been really wanting to blog about the male skins over at Redgrave. So lucky for me, I was able to persuade my dear friend Max to fulfill my fantasies...errr...umm... I mean help me out. *giggle* He was kind enough to spend his lindens, and allow me to play dress up with him a bit. Course this was purely for experimentation....has nothing at all to do with my slight obsession with Brad Pitt...really! *grin*

BUT...I needed to know...did the brad skin over at redgrave REALLY look like brad ON the avie?!! Well... after rubbing up against him a bit, you know...to get a good feel on the situation.. I think they've done a wonderful job. Half the battle really is the shape, of course at every angle it doesn't look quite like him. But the likeness on the whole....IMO, is incredible. And I had hours to drool over him...*sigh*, while I was picking out what he would wear, and taking photos. (the nude ones, ladies...are in my own personal inventory...get your own guinea pig!) So at any rate, I think I can tell you, it was an overall success, in typical Redgrave fashion, photo realistic skin, shading ALL over the body in the right places.

So without anything further... have a look for yourself....

Need to Knows:
Skins: Redgrave - Brad Tanned (Full Beard)
Shape: Redgrave - Natural Bodyshape (Brad) *worn w. Brad eyebrows*
Eyes: Anumis - Prim Eyes (Clover)
Tank: Mischief - Beater (White)
Jeans: Gear Shift - Maverick Jeans (Ripped Faded Blue)
Shoes: Shiny Things - Old Shoes
Necklace: Earthtones - Magik

Ohhh AND....
Model: Max Dutton =)