Polano's Newness

It is a given that I love Moxie Polano, she has become a good friend of mine.... but I consider myself very lucky not just for the wonderful chats, but also for knowing someone with tons of talent. She has a great selection of new fall items, which you can get more info about over at the Moxie Polanos Haute Style Blog.

I am featuring her new Nivaya set here, that comes with like a million options. You can wear the tank, or the Sweater... OR.... the tank under the sweater, but there are 2 different types of sweaters, a cowl neck, and a tutrle neck, ANDDDD.... you have the option of wearing the belted shorts, or the skirt.... both of which you can pair with the laced up corset.... Ohhhhh did I mention it also comes with stockings?? How is that for a fabulous little grab? Here is what I did with the look... just 4 of the options I came up with! I am certain you can find a bunch of combos as well, it is a wonderful wardrobe foundation set to own, that you can build from time and time again.

Need to Knows:

Skin: Redgrave - Laura (Natural)
Eyes: Detour- Alpha Eyes (Hazel - Dark Sclera)
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Hair: BishWear - Kea (Sienna)
Earrings: Yummy - Beaded Hoop
Necklace: VG Republic - Resin and Chain Link Necklace (Color Change - Black)
Bracelet: Zaara - Kaya Turquoise (Silver)