Much Love!

This fine Saturday morning, I wanted to express how grateful I am! You know, I am SO lucky to have had the success I have with this blog. I enjoy my SL very much, and all the wonderful people I have met. I am lucky to be able to call some great designers good friends, and the photographers, and fellow bloggers as well. I love the community I am in, and I know it has its ups and downs, and the occasional *fashion drama* but I adore it, and take the good with the bad! Ohh, and I cannot forget to thank all my wonderful readers, you guys get me excited to share all the time!

Anyway, I just wanted to say that, because sometimes we come to our blogs to complain, and not often enough to express how great this life is.

The reason I was thinking about it, was all the great goodies I have to share. The new Redgrave Skin - Jennifer, which true to Emilia's style is fantabulous! =) I also received this great new lingerie set from Ornamental Life, annnnnnd.... I love this new ring Tahitan Pearl from The Body Politik, which you can change not only the color of the pearl, but also the stones set on the side, AND the color of the band! The lingerie, comes in a ton of colors, it is called Remembering Chloe. I love the fact that it has all kinds of layering options too, MAN have I gotten a lot of good lingerie lately!! =) The color I choose, I liked because it was sort of different from the rest in the set, with the white trim, as opposed to the black.

Anyway, I have to run off to a meeting, so I will keep this shorter...Enjoy!