For what seems like forever, which in SL time is more or less a few weeks, we've been patiently waiting on the release of Belleza's new male skins. I think word was out some time in January and everyone was pretty much pacing. Well, Tricky has finally decided to begin releasing, with the first skin, named Miguel. He is choosing to release the skins one by one... at about 2 week intervals, and there will be 6 new male skins in all.

Obviously, I don't do much in the way of menswear over here at MSC. I talk about what I wear, and I don't have a male avie, or alt for that matter. But with all the excitment around the skins, I was really curious to get a look myself. Lucky for me my friend Bri Bellic was a willing victim. So I got him naked tonight and inspected him head to toe. Its a tough job, but someone has to do it.

There is a big difference if you compare these new Belleza skins to the old. Much more definition in the body tone, shading is definitely improved. I think the face is done very well, eyebrows, facial hair... all very meticulously put together, as is typical for Tricky's work. Other things that have been improved are the definition on the shoulder blades, thighs, knees. All seem to have been gone over carefully and given a lot more detail.

I am showing you the Sunkissed version of the skin here, great skin tone...but of course you have lots of other options in the way of tones. I give you a few facial hair samples as well.

(click to view larger)

The only thing that I am unsure on is the pubic hair, which y'all don't even get to see. (go get a demo to check it out yourselves) Compared to the *old* Belleza skins, the hair is much more...hrmmm... severe? fuller? Maybe fuller is a better word. I don't know if this will be the case with all of the new male skins, but I am ver curious to see. I am not neccessarily opposed to it... just curious to see what is in store for the next round.... Tricky you have my attention!

So, tomorrow...or TODAY actually at this point the Miguel skins are being released. Hop on over to Belleza and pick up your demos!

Thank you again Bri, for taking the time tonight to not only model the skins, but to talk about them with me and give your opinion. *hugs*

And on that note... I am headed out on my vacation....see you all next week! *mwah!*