BEBAE April 09

So, Torie has been at it again; creating some more of the best skins you will find in SL. I have to say that in my personal skin preference list, she rounds off on the very top with the new BEBAE Delilah skins.

I have pretty high standards when it comes to my skin LOVES. I think instead of going on about what I love about her skins, I might just tell you what it is that I personally look for, and you can be assured that the new Bebae Skins have all the requirements.

I personally like a very well defined body, that is the first thing I look for when I try on a skin. I come home with my demos, strip down, and go over things like; neck detail, hands, knees, elbows, and of course the breast cleavage, nipples and other unmentionables.... =)

After that I examine the face closely; well defined hair on the eyebrows, plump lips with some gloss to them, the shading on the nose and overall highlighting/sheen on the face.

Finally its makeup... I think I can deal with less of a makeup selection if the skin is impeccable, but it hurts my heart to not have a really great range; simple fresh clean looking skin, to a dark shadow / dark lip tone...followed by some wild colors.

So when I say the new Delilah line has all of that I mean it *crosses my heart* I make one note...I am particularly impress with Torie's work on the inner eyes, the definition there kinda blows me away. Just sayin.

The skin tone I am wearing is Carmel and the makeups are:

Left Column: 0, 3 & 4
Right Column: 5, 7 & 8