I have successfully found a few moments to BLOG! YAY!

But I have inspiration in the form of newness from Skin Flicks. I know I have mentioned already, but I do really love everything Mavis does. I don't think there is a single item in that store that I would not wear.

She has a great selection of new mix and match spring wear for you all. I am featuring everything in the beige color, but there are more colors to see in store! This new *Jane* line is adorned with lots of texturing details, and great sculpted accents.

In the first image I am wearing the Jane jacket and Skirt. I love how Mavis uses the skirt layer to add to the jacket, she did this on a recent skirt suit as well. It really adds to the look, while minimizing on having prim attachments, and flexi pieces that have a mind of their own. LOL Cuffed/sculpted sleeves and collar of course!

In the 2nd image I am sporting the Jane Pants and T-Shirt. I love the t-shirt, with the simple tiger image and sculpted sleeves. Oh and the pants....they are fantastic... cargos, with lots of sculpted pockets, cuffs and a really well done belt!

And in the last image I've put the Jane shorts with the Ruffled T. T is very feminine with flexi sleeves and lots of shading detail, and the shorts are much like the pants with a great belt and sculpted cuffs!

You will also notice I am wearing shoes that match SO well, which is because they are from Skin flicks as well, they are called the Jane Flat.

Take the SLURL and shop til ya drop!

Need to Knows:

Skins: -Belleza- - Belle Pale (Amethyst Kisses, Bronzed Nudes & Silver Blue Rubies)
Hair: ETD - Torwen, Chel & Hayden 2 (Fire)
Jewelry: Zaara - Kaya Onyx Bracelet (gold) Paper Couture - Knights Honor Set (earrings & necklace) (luc) - Chakra Boho Beads (Pumpkin) (earrings & necklace) Artilleri - wooden bracelet