So... I just got my first sets of Chaisuki skins. A good friend of mine pointed me over there the other night, and I was really impressed with the enormous makeup selection as well as the great body detail.

Soooo... I am going to share, in case you've not been there, or heard of the shop before (like myself).

I picked out the Elaine skin to share. I really like the lip and eye shaping on these skins, as I tried some others, and they didn't really work with my skin. I thought to give you a better review, I might show you both my redhead and brunette looks, with both the lighter and darker shades.

As I said above, the makeup selection is insane... I counted well over 30 actually?! For each skin tone! Thats insane.... if you cannot find one you like, there is something wrong with you. LOL The Elaine lighter tones are: light, medium & sunkissed. The Elaine darker tones are: tan, dark & Mocha. All of which you get a little sample of below.

I think the body detail is great, since I do prefer something much more defined, its right up my alley. The shading around the breasts, tummy, knees, etc... all very well defined. You have that all over glow that is very *in* right now. I think evein the lightest of the tones has a warmth to it.

For a skin I've not heard tons about, I was seriously impressed. I think its worth a trip over to Chaisuki ...there are quite a few there to choose from, and trying on demos is a blast anyways! =)

Image 1

Full Body - Green-Flow Sunkissed

Makeups - baby-blue Light, glowing-red Light, northern-lights Light, base2 Medium, toxic-cocktail Medium, citrus-glow Sunkissed, star-violet Sunkissed

Image 2

Full Body - citrus-glow Tan
Makeups - my-lady Tan, satin-taupe Tan, sweet-lust Mocha, parfait-amour Mocha, ice-wine Mocha, gorgeous-gold Dark, politely-pink Dark


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