I made my way over the other day, with the many others desperately wanting to see the new LeLutka Collection. I told myself, I would only pick a few things to blog.... yeah... that is what I told myself.

So in keeping with my usual LeLutka blogs, EVERYTHING you see in the images is from them. Skin, Hair, Shoes, Jewelry, Clothes. Don't get too excited, the skin is not a *new* skin. Tho I do hear they will be making their way in store shortly.

So what did I think about all the summer goodness? Well, I loved everything. I think the new jewelry is really beautiful, and amazingly detailed... I wish I would have zoomed in and taken a few shots so you could see the workmanship. Anykey did such a great job, and there is a nice selection. I choose just a few pieces to show you. But there is a whole wall in store.

The shoes that Minnu & Thora made are great too... I love the shape of the TEESE shoes, and OMG... the St Tropez shoes are fantastic! They have a sling back, and open toe, and some of the colors are even 2 toned. Yessss..... there are prim toes in there. But I think they are small enough (and well detailed enough) that they add to the shoe instead of becoming a distraction, as are many prim feet these days.

Course the hair is wonderful... there were quite a few new styles, which I don't think was really mentioned. I have trouble wearing hair without bangs, I think I have an enourmous forehead. But for some reason the TALLULAH hair seems to really work on me regardless. I love the loose whispy bits of hair, and the overall softness on the styles.

And Finnnally... the clothes! Thora must have been working her booty off, because there is just tons and tons and TONS of new clothing. Everything comes in assorted colors, and speaking of color...this collection is more bright and "summery" then LeLutka normally puts out there. You can find casualy wear, formal wear, and everything in between. Oh and swimwear tooo! Yummy prim clothing, that has been sculpted meticulously and really fits the AV with little adjustments. Some of the skirts, have AOs in the, to make sure you normal AO doesn't do crazy nonsense to you look.

Well, I am pretty sure I have rambled on enough... so just have yourself a look....

Need to Knows...

London Sunkissed makeup 2b

Image 1

ADA Top / blackwhite
MO hot pants / black
TEESE Black Sole / Black
Drew Hair, Autumn Red

GAENOR dress / thistle
St Tropez Shoe Black
SOPHIE Hair, Autumn Red

KAORI dress / olivedrab
TEESE Wood Sole / Sienna
Nicolette Earrings
Valena Necklace

HALEY dress / dimgray
St. Tropez Shoe Silver
TALLULAH hair, Autumn Red

ZOE bikini / royalblue
TEESE Wood Sole Steelblue
Valena Necklace
AUDREY hat / brown
SOPHIE Hair, Autumn Red

Image 2

LOUISE Shirt / honeydew
HEIDI pants / darkrosybrown *not from new collection*
St. Tropez Shoe Tan
DREW hair, Autumn Red

MONROE suit / khaiki
SOPHIE Hair, Autumn Red
TEESE Wood Sole / darkslateblue

SADAH dress / darkgoldenrod
Tallulah Necklace
Denis Earrings
St. Tropez Shoe Black
TALLULAH hair, Autumn Red

SADAH suit / darkred
Tallulah Necklace
TEESE Black Sole / black
DREW hair, Autumn Red

TALLYS dress / olivedrab
Lilly Necklace
TEESE Wood Sole Yellowgree
SOPHIE Hair, Autumn Red



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