Well, here is my very first blog entry! I am hopeful that it will provide not only some good information about some fashionable goodies, while also giving you a good giggle. Hopefully I will be able to give you something interesting...on a weekly? basis! (no promises there!)

Anyway, who cares really about *me* lets talk biz...

So, this seems like a good first place to start. I waited with baited breathe for the "doors" to open at Archange Couture....ahhh wait wait...let me back up....

I suppose this requires some background, tho who doesn't know really?! Well, just incase, allow me to rant....Archange has been born from the unfortunate and untimely death of Ginny Talamasca, who passed away last year. Ginny and business partner / RL dear friend Katterina Dagnostino, were the genius behind Last Call, my personal FAVE place to shop in all of SL. Katterina decided to close Last Call's doors, and has taken on a new partner, Danner Dosei. In the SL fashion world, the anticipation / expectations were all very high. What would Katterina do without Ginny?

Okay....sooo...back to me pacing the office floors at 9pm Monday night.... They kept the doors locked until 9pm exactly, which was followed by a group IM (OF COURSE I am already a member!) and the flood gates opened. The madness that it was, gave me a very good giggle. Immediately there was a massive pile on of gray rezzing avatars, arms and legs flailing! Danner requested that we all "get naked" so that we'd not crash the sim. I was able to navigate well, and did check out each and every new release. So what did I think?

Well, sad to say, I was disappointed. I was such a huge fan of Last Call, and was very hopeful. While the line was much more casual, which is not a bag thing. I just didn't see anything stand out, which is what Last Call was known for. Granted, Katterina stated that the new place would NOT be Last Call, just not sure the quality was there. The clothing was fairly well detailed, and I did manage to grab myself up one outfit that I adore, but normally I struggle to narrow it down to 10 =)

So here is my buy of the night....

The boho skirt, blouse combination is called Michella. The color I choose is Sundance. This combo actually comes with 8 pieces which includes both the floor length, which I am pictured in, and a knee length skirt. Of course its flexi, and it moves wonderfully as well as having a great leather belt and shiny gold buckle, I have been spinning around in it all night! The blouse detail is lovely, and very realistic, with a low cut V neck, and cinching deatail down the front. I think it would be something also hanging in my RL closet!

I should also mention, I am going to try, with this blog to give you every last detail of WHAT I am wearing. So that you can, in fact recreate it, if you love it!

Clothes: Archange - Michella (Sundance)

Accessories: Earthtones - Chakra Boho Beads (Pumpkin) *necklace and earrings set*

Hair: Influence Hair by Naughty - Pierce (Golden Bay Multi Tonal II)

Skin: Redgrave - Tan Skin Venus (Smoky 2)

Eyes: Redgrave - Julia (Romantic Green)

Well, I believe that about wraps it up for blog #1... the format might change a million times, as I become more accustomed, and find better ways to express myself. But there it is, soak it up, and let me know what you think... ohh yeah.... and...get outta my closet!!!!! =)