Cupcakes Collage

While I love shopping, and finding new places, and gorgeous goodies... there is nothing like a good freebie hunt! I think I might be addicted. ANY time I see that someone is hosting a hunt, I make a mad dash. I couldn't even careless what is in the boxes, and if I will ever use the items...its all about the hunt. =)

So when I saw that Cupcakes was having a freebie hunt... I threw off my heels and ran out the door. I did manage to buy a few items... however, I think I left the store with about 23 goodies. Keep in mind almost ALL of that was FREE! What makes it even better, is that they have great stuff...so just about every item is something I would wear, and am thrilled to have in my closet.

When I got back to my loft, I just started throwing things on, and oogling over my bounty. A little squeel here and there, and I realized, I needed to share. Not that you haven't seen most of it, but I just wanted to express the quality and quantity of FREENESS! Not to mention Aphrodite Outlander tossed me some poses, that I wanted to play with....what better excuse?! Thank you A, I enjoyed them (obviously). *giggle*

So take a gander at all that I managed to walk off with today... you know to some lucky noob...this could be a new wardrobe!!

***Sorry...SO not giving you details on every last item...that would take me years, and while I look like I have nothing better to do with my time... yea, well...I do. If you want to know something, ASK!


Annyka Bekkers said...

Who doesnt heart <3 cupcakes? I heart your incredible collage too!