Little Black Dress

I was so excited when I got the invite to the Duality "Little Black Dress" party. Course, being so busy drowning myself in swimwear for the editorial... I didn't go shopping til like 30 seconds before I needed to be there. Of course I ended up at Paper Couture, and bought 3 dresses instead of one! But went with the Rode Island. I was in such a rush, and then had to run off to RL afterwards...I cannot even tell you what I was wearing with it.... Aohora hair I beleive, and some Armidi Gisaci shoes and bangles.... alright, so I remember. Anyway, here is a group shot... I am there umm somewhere, can you find me? hehe...lets play Where's Waldo!! If you can find me...I will send you something.... not sure what...but something!

Anyway, Callie Cline was there, and she made a lovely speech on voice about Aspire, was very touching. I am so excited to be a part of such a great team...


kristianne matfield said...

I know where you are!!! But I won't say.

It was so fun to get everyone in one place and see some faces I haven't seen for awhile! A perfect launch to what is sure to be an incredibly exciting month.

Unfortunately we didn't get the group shot going until several people left - but everyone was there in spirit!

And you look gorgeous, by the way!

<3 Kristianne

Alex Hastings said...

you're standing behind a girl thats pushing up her boobs ;p who also happens to be standing in front of a very fair skinned person that is barely seen.

that was fun! you looked beautiful by the way :)