Seems time to start looking for new swimwear, doesn't it? I haven't heard all that much from designer's about their new lines, so I thought I would start hunting down new fab finds...

I remembered that I had grabbed up a freebie at the Rose hunt Sunday at Retrology (tons of great stores, FYI), so I went back and put it on. Which then had a domino effect: Felicity IM's designer, Felicity ends up at flagship store, Felicity forgets she is looking for swimwear. *sigh*

I WILL be doing a swimwear blog, promise. BUT... I was so very please with eLDee's line, that I had to shop and blog immediately.

Designer Lilyana Dryke has a wonderful line; eLDee. The textures, and patterns are all, as usual, fabulous. She uses tons of prints, and I love the look. They are really timeless pieces. In addition to the AMAZING swimsuit (which if you were lucky enough you grabbed up for FREE! -kudo's to you), it has a great shimmer to it, and came with a wonderful sculpted hat! TONS OF DETAIL - straps, shading in all the right spots, just flawless. **The hat, you will have to purchase separately, as well as the cover up you see me wearing below.

I highly recommend stopping by her shop, it is a small boutique, and most all of her designs come in multiple colors, so you are sure to find just what you are craving!

eLDee purchases (as pictured above): Fluer Ocean, Pomme Pink/Green, Kiki 4 (yellow/blue), and New Retro Shirts (wearing Plum). **note: you cannot buy the silver swimsuit just yet, but I do believe it will be released?

Other *MUST* Haves:

Eyes: Redgrave - Julia (Romantic Green)

Skins: Redgrave - Venus (Green), Chloe (blue & brown)

Hair: Swimsuit - ETD - Xaria (Blondes II - Honey Burnt), Fluer Dress - AOHARU - Elise (Blonde Dark - Royal Gold), Pomme, Kiki, New Retro - AOHARU - Nikki (Blonde Dark - Royal Gold)

Shoes: Swimsuit - Maitreya - Sassy (Shiny Black), Fluer - Jaywalk - Liah (Onyx), Pomme - Jaywalk - Emberlei (Chocolate/Tawny), Kiki & New Retro - Maitreya - Slinky Stilettos (Black)


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