You know, I get a LOT of visits to my blog. The numbers increase on a daily basis. It is always exciting for me to see so many people enjoying me just roaming around SL and shopping and sharing.

I don't think I am the authority on Fashion, nor do I think my opinion particularly matters. I do what I do, because I like to. I love to shop, I love fashion. I try not to pay attention to the gossip that circulates, and even more so...I try never to get involved.

I am sure just about 99% saw my previous posting. So it is just a shame, that I got my MOST traffic, for people coming in to look at something that they know / believe is thievery. And of course, my most comments.

I have to apologize if the claims are true, because I do not support it.

There were a few of you who were nice enough to KNOW I am new to the blog world. However, those of you who choose to use small words and minds....I am disappointed... and maybe a little flattered that you have me up on such a pedestal.

You know, at first, when I started to read all of the comments, and it dawned on me, I was myself for not doing more research, and at my supposed friends for their unkind words. But then, I had a huge reality check.... this is second life. I have a RL, that I have some actual serious issues in, and to let some people in a world of pretend even remotely bother me, well....shame on me.

Again, I apologize, to those who deserve it - - Designers that work hard, and spend many hours, to have their work copied, People who rely on me as a good source, and to myself for caring what anyone else thinks.

I will leave this open for the hailstorm of comments that will abound.... because, I am not afraid of what anyone has to say, I have extremely thick skin. As Pat Benatar says "Hit me with your best shot!"


Shelby said...

Just hearing that person's name makes me cringe and reminds me of the hell she's put Simone and other designers through. I knew you had no idea and didn't even think about holding it against YOU <3

Love your blog,

SySy Chapman said...

I have no idea what this is about..LOL completely missed i guess the original post ? However from what i understand you featured here some stolen's not too hard to guess the name i think ;) However, if you dont' know, you simply don't know. We can't all know who's a thief and who's not. Like you said, we have RL's and those still are (imo) more important then the sl ones ;) I like reading your blog aswell, so keep it up :) Hope things are getting well for your in RL aswell ;)

Nicky Ree said...

I just got home and got a message to check this editorial.

I don't know that was written in the earlier blog entry or in the comments, as it was removed before I could read it.

I gather it was about a person that took textures from me and others in the past. I am sure you didn't know about this history. In fact it hasn't been the first time someone has posted about this person without knowing the background. This is why I finally decided to post about this on my own blog so that more peopl can learn about what happened.

I am sorry some of the comments weren't nice, we should try to assume the best about people.

Please keep posting, we all learn along the way and you just don't expect any of this when you discover a new store after all.

Sugarr said...

Felicity, anyone who blamed you for an honest mistake is obviously got some issues. I tried to leave a comment earlier but blogger was trying to be a bratface.

It is not as though, alas, there is a list somewhere with - this person is a thief - and in some ways I'm glad there isn't. There are those who made honest mistakes, apologized, made reparations and went on to create very nice things on their own. If there was some kind of black list, that might not have happened and that would be regrettable.

At any rate, you just keep on doing your thing :)

Felicity Blumenthal said...

Nicky...I did in fact pull down the blog post in question. Mostly because it was drawing a ton of attention, and assuming all the claims are correct (yes you do know who), then I would feel awful being any part of it.

I support those of you who create, and use your talents; putting your hard work and hours into it. I do NOT support anyone who abuses that, and thinks copying it, making a few changes, and putting their name on it is okay. There is a distinct difference between being an inspiration, and copying. That is ALL I am going to say about that issue, I don't want to be caught up in the gossip and drama.

Thank you everyone else for the kind words.

I have every intention of keeping up with the blog, because I do enjoy it so much.

There were a few comments whether posted on the blog, or directly IM'd to me, that were just harsh. But that is the way of the world... second, or first.

I just have to be more careful going forward, and I will try to be, seeing how a lot of people rely on me to be an accurate source.

Thank you again - Shelby, Sysy, Nicky, and Suggar..and everyone who has IM'd me.