Let's just talk about a gorgeous gown, eh?

Designer Sparkle Skye was lovely enough to give me something to talk about, when she messaged me telling me she had a gown for me to review. So after the "GOOGLE" background check...here I am... (can you say paranoid much?!) *giggle*

This beauty - Madame X, in Ruby. It does come with quite a few options, as you can see pictured. My personal fave was the Slender fitting, semi sheer. I love the detail at my waist, and the low V cut. I did take a few shots of the other options - both the cocktail version, and the Regal... just so you can see it in all of its glory. Red is my favorite color, so kudos to Sparkle for opting for that! There is also a set of prim attached shoulder pins, where the straps meet the gown. They are really just beautiful jewelry for the gown, which is rather unique - IMO, and crafted meticulously. They also happen to be menu driven, and color changeable. WOOT!

So...Thank you Sparkle, for giving me a little kick in the booty to get focused back on what I love. *hugs* (and something fabulous to wear out in SL tonight!) Oooohh...and be sure to visit Allure, Sparkle's enormous shop in world!

Oooh, Ohh OoOhh.... almost forgot... grabbed up Aphrodite Creations smashing new lashes! I am wearing the Spike version!! They make my eyes POP!

Need to Knows...
Redgrave - Venus (Peach)
Eyes: Redgrave - Julia (Romantic Green)
Hair: ETD - Aiiyanna (Blondes II - Honey Burnt)
Jewelry: Paper Couture - Knights Honor (Earrings & Pendant), Bandit Jewelry - Lady Ruby Ring
Shoes: Maitreya - Slinky Stilettos (Black)