Yesterday I think I must have spent 2 hours chatting with Neferia Abel of Ivalde... all the while I was just wandering around her shop looking at all the lovelies. She has such an amazing collection, that span the eras. If you are feeling like the 50's...20's...or maybe even the 1850's.... you can find something at her place. I haven't been to her shop in such a long time, and might have been longer had she not sent me the nice message she did. And that is simply for lack of time... I wish I could keep up with everyone, and everything. Maybe I need an assistant?

At any rate, she dropped this gorgeous black dress on me called Evalyne. You know, you really cannot have too many little black dresses....really! Especially one this great, the prim/flexi semi sheer rose collar, and semi sheer ruffled layers, all textured so well. Something I'd like to dance the night away in.

If I remember correctly, she said it was going to be released today? Tho with our time difference, not sure WHEN that will be.

But one of the best things about Nef, is that she is CONSTANTLY creating, I am pretty sure that you can return once a month and find tons of items you will fall in love with...that are New, New, New!

Thanks so much for the great chat, and great clothes *mwah!*

Need to Knows:
Blowpop - Tuesday - Cinnamon (2b Shir, Breathless)
Lashes: Aphrodite Creations - Spike
Eyes: Redgrave - Julia (Romantic Green)
Hair: Aden - Edie (Blonde)
Jewelry: Paper Couture - Gemstone Scroll Earrings, Persona - Bangles (Red)