My Favorite T....

I have a top from Blooberry that is one of my favorites. If I could wear it everyday, I think I would. I love how simple the front is, yet detailed with all the right shading and creases. Then I turn around and the back is so much fun! You don't at all expect it, and its an amazing detail.

So its like my comfort shirt. When I threw it on the other day, along with my Last Call leather pants, it occurred to me that I couldn't possibly blog about the pants, because if anyone did want them, they cannot get them.

So began my search for extraordinary leather pants. I didn't find any in my enormous inventory - - or more any I *liked*! So I recalled that Adam n Eve had a pair I saw somewhere recently. So I hopped over there, chatted with Sachi Vixen, and bought myself a pair. They come in numerous colors, and I might need to go back and buy em' all. They are freakin' amazing! As Sachi said "They make your bum look hawt" Hmmm... or something like that?! hehehe

Once I had the top and pants together, I realized I needed to go take some pics... so I went to one of my favorite places to wander around Rue D' Antibes. And here are the results:

Need to Knows:
Celestial Studios Vogue - Glitter Aqua (Cashmere)
Eyes: Redgrave - Julia (Romantic Green)
Lashes: Aphrodite Creations - Spike
Hair: Aden - Tuli (Blonde)
Top: Blooberry - Zarine (Blue)
Pants: Adam n Eve - Leather Pants (Black)
Shades: Role Optic - Glasses Eternity II (repositioned on top of my head)
Shoes: Maitreya - Slinky Stilettos (Black)
Bracelets: DP yumyum - Brown Bracelet, Atelier AM - Gold Bracelet
Earrings: Yummy - Beaded Hoop Earrings
Bag: Paper Couture - Le Sac (Zebra)