Sometimes I am inspired by the strangest things. In a conversation with a friend, bull riding comes up. I cannot remember WHAT it was that brought it up... I swear. But at any rate, suddenly I needed to dig up some old clothes, throw on my best hat, and search for new boots!

After I had the look.... I had to find myself a bull. I had heard about Black Horse Country a few times, and have been begged to go country dancing, so it seemed like the best place to look. Course as soon as I got there, I was so pleasantly surprised, I landed next to quite a few wild horses, who were quite noisy with their welcome! =) The club has a sort of cabin feel...with a very large stone fire place. But I was not very interested in line dancing. I had a mission... so I took a stroll around the grounds. I found the bull riding pen quickly, and hopped right on. I must say, I am quite good for the first shot!! *giggle* They have contests on Sundays... I think I might need to join in.

I also strolled down to the small pond, where there are a few cows who again, were very vocal - - MOOO! Then I got a chance to ride one of the wild horses, and I was so tired from my adventures, I passed out in one of the stalls, on a pile of hay! (I might add... I woke up with hay in all kinds on undesirable places).

So...I thought I would share my look. Most of this, with the exception of my jewelry, and new boots, are things I have had for a verrrrry long time. Oldies...but goodies. These boots however, are completely amazing, they are sculpted, and if I could pull them through the screen and slip them on I would. The ostrich skin detail is exquisite, as are the spurs, I could not be happier with the purchase!

And I should add...Luminosity, where my top is a WONDERFUL shop... lots of great items, and the jeans that actually belong with this top, are great, with a fab belt buckle.... I was just in need of chaps (for the bull riding, OF COURSE!)

**As always, be sure to CLICK and enlarge for best view.**

Need to Knows:

Skins: Redgrave - Venus (nude)
Eyes: Redgrave - Julia (Romantic Green)
Lashes: Celestial Studios Vogue Lashes
Hair: Celestial Studios - Cowgirl Brown (Dark Blonde - Caramel)
Top: Luminosity - Route 66 - Flannel
Chaps: A Touch of Ireland - Wyoming Outfit - Wyoming Chaps with Jeans
Boots: D2TK - Womens Ostrich n Black Cowboy Boots
Earrings: Shiny Things - Florina Earrings (Gold)
Bracelet: Shiny Things - Florina Bangles (Gold)