Finally decided on a new skin today. I've been debating it for like a month now, its another Redgrave, which just basically comes down to me not being able to find another skin with the body detail to compare. Not that I don't adore many other skins, but I feel as though not enough detail is paid to the body. So, since my goal was to find something more suitable to my as of late redheaded tendencies, I went with the Pale Laura, which has great freckles, and very fair eyebrows.

But that triggered a desire for some new clothes... but nothing has really been calling to me lately. Maybe I am in a fashion rut?? I dunno...could be RL just cramping my style =) So...I thought I would just head out to one of the local shopping areas, and roam the a little window shopping...see if anything just struck me.

I ended up at Rue D' Antibes, just because its such a lovely place to spend a day shopping (you've head this before, no?) But yayy...good thing I went there, because new to me designer Samsara Nishi was at her new Main Store - Sam's Secret Boutique. I got to chat with her for a few, about her line... She says that nearly all of her designs are hand drawn, and she is getting out about 1 new design a week! She has been designing since about Feb/March, so while the store doesn't have an ENOURMOUS selection, all the pieces are high quality. Sam also happens to be very friendly, and offers some great specials to those in her group (join, join, join!)....

So I selected a few items to show off, and if you haven't seen them before, you should run over and grab a few! Or even just have a look around....there are plenty more designs =) All of them have great detail, and are a bit different.

I love the RezDay outfit...the shorts are very different, although I do wish they'd not be plaqued by SL's gravitational pull =), and the top's cut is unique as well. Love the Sequin dress, which btw, the sequin top can be worn by itself, and the sequins are very real looking.

Left to Right: Black Sequin Dress, ARLES Dress, RezDay Outfit, Casual Shirt GREEN, and Pastel Shirt (which was a GROUP GIFT!!)

Need to knows:

Hair: Armidi - The Bombshell v2 (Pomegranate)
Shoes: Jaywalk - Liah (Onyx), Shiny Things - Party Pumps (Black), Decoy Shoes - Fransisco II Wedges (Ivory)
Bracelets: Bonita's Jewelry - Messy Bangles with Pearls #7, Armidi Gisaci - Metallic Tres Bangles Duo


jenifer said...

She is looking gorgeous in those beautiful dresses & jewelry.