[The oBscene]

KujA AkinA, the creator behind [The oBscene] has a great skin collection, of which one was recently seen on the cover of Aspire magazine. Lucky me - my friend Ofelia grabbed me and we ran over to have a look at all the lovely options. I should add, we had a heck of a time finding the place...didn't come up in search, and I had to get creative on the internet! =)

Moving along..... There is a really wonderful selection of make up options, many different colors, some with lighter eye make up, some heavier. Great skin tones as well, shading is done very well, very soft and smooth. Here are a few that I selected to share -

Skins Shown Above:
Column 1 - Arouse - Base, Fujin, Maia, RA
Column 2 - Dawn - Zoria, Al Lat, Boomkat, PEITHO
Column 3 - Milk - Ala, Hebe, Mylitta, Mojo-Sakura Petal-Smoky

From what Kuja says some of the customers who love her skins, questioned the "athletic" body. She created them for herself in the beginning, and went with what SHE wanted. Now that she is getting so many questions, she is in fact working on a more *feminine* body, which she happened to share with me. Below is both the old and the new. **Be sure to enlarge the image** You can see the slight difference in the stomach tone, as well on the back. I love the new one, the shading again is very soft, and well, just that - feminine. She assures me they will be available soon in her store, so keep an eye out!

Need to Knows...

Hair: HOH - Carrie (Burgandy)
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Earrings: Yummy - Beaded Hoop