I inspired my friend Prad the other day, and he took it to his blog. Seeing how it is *sorta* fashion related, and gave me a good giggle, I am sharing....

**Please note - while, I was an inspiration for the blog, the ideas and thoughts of Prad, are his own, and may not reflect MINE... basically.... go whine to him, if you don't like it! =)


[7:55] Prad Prathivi: *whispers* I see gray people
[7:55] Felicity Blumenthal: LOL really?? so I am not alone??
[7:55] Felicity Blumenthal sighs relief
[7:56] Prad Prathivi: I think they’re out to get us..
[7:56] Prad Prathivi: They all must die..
[7:56] Felicity Blumenthal: you know…its not so much the grey people….but the eerie clouds….with names floating above them….that realllllly freak me out
[7:57] Prad Prathivi: yeah, I actually preferred the grey people. The gassy clouds just look wrong when there’s a lot of them around
[7:57] Felicity Blumenthal: yes…and its hard to casually mention to someone “you know, you are a cloud, right?”
[7:58] Prad Prathivi: hehe
[7:58] Felicity Blumenthal: those things need to be handled delicately….. there should be an SL guide
[7:58] Prad Prathivi: You’re right.. *opens up his blog*
[7:58] Felicity Blumenthal laughs….

And so, with much thanks to Felicity, I give you the Prad Prathivi guide to SLetiquette!


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