Generally, I try and piece things together, to feature different looks, or change an outfit that I might have. But for this blog, I am going to try something else..

Minnu Palen, Thora Charron, and Valena Glushenko of Minnu Model Skin, MMS Hair and Cachet were all lovely enough to send me over an enormous selection of their new product. Which for those of you who don't know means; Amazing Skins, Clothing, Hair, Jewelry and Accessories.

The new line of Skins at MMS, is gorgeous, you all know I adore my redgrave stuff, but I had to peal it all off and just wrap myself up in the silky smoothness that is MMS. The faces, are wonderful, great makeup options, really flawless. And, we aren't talking about just 1 new release, there are a bunch of new skins there!!

The new hair is different, not the same ol' same ol'... tho I am ever impressed with where hair is going lately. I think MMS Hair tries to step outside the box constantly, and give you the more edgy looks.

Cachet's new clothing release, again, fabbbbbulous!! I love all the sculpted attachments, and how form fitting they are, while also really giving you that RL clothing effect. The colors are bright, and fun, and the selection is impecable.

Valena is a new edition to the team, and she has designed some great new jewelry, that really works wonderfully with all of the looks, and new BAGS! Loooove those bags, and the cute AOs, which if you are not wanting, you can wear without!

It is not everyday you can go to a sim and be able to purchase all those items, and have them ALL be of equally good quality. So Kudos ladies! I loved everything, and I am sharing nearly every last drop with y'all! ***If you will also note, all my shoes in this blog come from Maitreya...the sistering sim =)***

Image Info:

Sill Hair - Autumn
Maitreya Bloom Boots - White
Nicolette Earrings
Love Junky Bag
Paris Skin Light - makeup 1b

Courtney Dress
DJ Hair - Autumn
Maitreya Slinky Heals
Angie Necklace
Courtney Earrings
Roma Skin Light - makeup 5b


Seven Dress
Deborah Earrings
Trisch Bag - funeral
Maitreya Heels
Wilma Hai - Autumn
Paris Skin Light - makeup 7b


Nicolette Dress
Deborah Earrings Gold
Maitreya Grace Brown
DJ Hair - Autumn
Trisch Bag Pink
Tiffany Hat Earth
New York Skin Light - makeup 5b

Deborah Dress
Wilma Hair - Autumn
Maitreya Dune Boots Burgandy
Nicolette Earrings
Vain Bag Black
New York Skin Light - makeup 4b