So much for a FRIDAY Halloween Costume Blog.... *sigh*

I hope no one is TOO disappointed because you have to understand, I didn't anticipate on getting all these great costumes, and then not knowing which to talk about first. My decision process is all the result of one lovely broom given to me by Sky Hye of Metamorphoses Avatars. It is the most fun!! If you are going to be a witch for Halloween, if you are a witch everyday *wink*, or if you just really like flying around on a broom...go get it! The flying animation is great, the broom is wonderfully sculpted and textured, and even just your regular stand, has a great AO, where you are just hovering over the ground....

So... what follows finding said broom? Felicity needs a new witch costume *looking through all my new folders* GASP! No new witch costume?! Can that be right?!? Ohhh...what's a girl to do!! Well, how about ask your friend to make one?? =) That is...if your friend is Moxie Polano!! Sooooo.... I tell her, I am in need, and she gets right on it.... now that's a good friend!! *hugs* love ya girl!!

What makes it all better, is after I have my costume, and my broom.... Neferia decides to release her Glinda costume over at Ivalde... woohoo.... can't have a wicked witch, without the good witch! Sooooo.... I get it in my head, that I need to make a trip to that new Magic of Oz sim.... but, I need a partner, right?! *Enter Bayberry Lilliehook* Yayyy! I have to tell you all, not only is Bay sooooo super sweet, and lots of fun to spend time with.... she has an awesome blog, that I LUV...HERE.

Soooo.... I dress up Bay as Glinda, and I am the wicked one (of course), and... "We're off to see the Wizard..." *giggle* Of course none of it goes well, cause my laptop sucks, and I think Bay's puter is nearly as bad... we struggle getting things to rez, bumping each other.... blaaaah blah blahhh... *Enter Prad Prathivi* While Bay is quite literally AFK, and I have given up on bumping her into position...Praddles comes over, and kindly snaps up some shots to make us pretty.

And here is the wonderful results.... (I tell you this whole story, JUST so you can understand, its not always so simple as "Snap and Share")....

Many thanks to - - Moxie Polano, Neferia Abel, Bayberry Lilliehook and Prad Prathivi for getting this damn thing together! *MWAH!*

**First image here, credited completely to the fabulous Prad, and that is Bay there with me... all the other images are taken by me, and are OF me**

Moxie's new Witch costume....its fantastic! She is going to give you a TON of options, such as - - sculpted hat, with, or without fur trim, top with or with out the semi sheer, amazing gloves, with torn fringes and lace detail, matching skirt, in both purple and black, stockings.... AND matching stripped stockings! Ohhh and how about a broom?? (not the fabulous one I am toting around, but reallllly great as well), a shape to go with, ummm and I think that's all.... lol...or wayyyy more then enough!

Nef's new Glinda costume, SO realistic!!! She is offering it in numerous colors, but I went with the classic Glinda the good witch look. I love the sleeves, the skirt detail, the amazing magic wand, and the great*crown* You cannot question who this is, when you set eyes on the costume! The crown is even flexi, too cute!!


Bayberry Lilliehook said...

Yay, it's a great post despite all the adversities! xoD You're super pretty as both witches and Prad did an awesome job with the picture of you and I together. (Lol, my dog really needed to go...)

Oh, and thank you for your kind words! @->--

Felicity Blumenthal said...

LOL... I would have grabbed you up for those POST Oz shots, but it was late, and you were sleeping (I would imagine)...

Thank you again, for coming out to play! =) *hugs*