Machang Pichot of AOHARU was kind enough to send me lots of good things to share with y'all! I am so pleased with everything I recieved. Nearly all of it is highly sculpted, and ever so realistic! I didn't get to accessorize it up, unfortunately, because with all those attachments...doesn't leave me many places to put things =( BUT on the upside.... it doesn't need it. Less is more, right?

I love the new knit boots, they are super cozy, and the pom poms are adorable! The Mouton Boots are also great detail on the sides, and come in PINK! =) I adore the fur coats.... I am wearing them with nothing else in these shots.... and I think I'd wear them out that way, I can just imagine how soft and fuzzy it would feel against my skin. (ummm... and just so we are clear, no animals were harmed, fake fur baby) Anyway, I am showing it off in both the Zebra and Leopard.

The Knit Hood Coat shown here in Pink, is probably my favorite piece in the collection, I adore the length, as well as all the sculpty work. Even the buttons are sculpted, and a great hood and sleeves!! It does come with a simple black dress under it, which I am wearing, and it it a wonderful combo....but you know, you can always change that up!

The check shirt dress, which I am wearing in blue comes with that brown belt, and again sculpted collar, etc. It is a really fun piece, and fits in well with the fall line. As well as the knit turtleneck dress, shown in red. I love the belt and the great big turtleneck on it, if I could wear them all the time, I would. The skirt detail is great too, because its so very different, I love the way you get a layered feeling form it, and the detail on the sweater beneath peaks through.

Enjoy the images, thanks a million for sharing with me Machang! Loving it all. Hit up AOHARU today!!

Ohh, and thanks to everyone who has already sent me costumes, keep them coming. I will be *hopefully* blogging what I've gotten so far on Friday, and then doing it again each Friday til Halloween =)

Need to Knows...

Skins: MMS - Roma Skin Light - makeup 5b
Eyes: Detour- Alpha Eyes (Hazel - Dark Sclera)
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Hair: ETD - Keeley (Reds II - Crimson)