"AARGH!" hehehehe....

Starley Thereian is one of my all time favorites in world.... not to date myself, but I've been shopping at Celestial Studios for years. So, when I saw the new colaboration between Kari, Torridwear, Celestial Studios, Zyrra Falcone and Lemon, I had to get my hooks (pun intended) into it!

This costume is more then just a costume really, its a complete avatar (if you purchase the FULL package), which for those of you who dunno what I am talking about - - they are giving you every little thing you need to dress your avie up. Soup to Nuts, basically. You get; Skins, Shape, Eyelashes, Hat (with different shades of hair...I'm in the red, of course), Skirt layers, with or with out the tie, etc, jacket, GREAT boots, you get an AO hud!!!! WOW, and you get a great little pirate animation, which I've featured in my shot.

And what's more, you get QUALITY... They have created a great costume, the textures are all very detailed, the sculpted hat is just perfect, and you get it in black and brown!! Plus the great attached hair (so you don't have to worry about finding the perfect hair to wear and FIT under it) The hair also happens to come with fun piratey (is that a word?) beads in it. The boots can be used over and over, and I love the buckles! The sculpted sash around the waist might be my favorite part, it is so incredibly realistic. All the bottles, and maps, and accessories on the belt.... hmmm...I could go on and on...

So go get it, and see for yourself!

**Note: I am not wearing the skin or the shape that comes with this costume.