Let me tell you a little story on how I acquired this gorgeous gown, Silver Lilly from Moxie Polano's....

Some of you, or most of you know of Strawberry Singh... or Berry as we all call her. Well, yesterday afternoon she teased me on Plurk with a fantastic image of her in Masqueradeness (I know its not a word damn it) and heading to a ball. So...I decide I am going to go...and start to rummage through my closet. Of course, while I have more then enough to wear, nothing catches my eye. So I finally settle on a lovely little number from Moxie's. But its a Masquerade thing, so I need a MASK! As my luck would have it *just* then Moxie logs in. I pounce, explain my dilemma (hoping she might have a glorious baby blue mask to match my gown) Wellllll.... how about she had a brand spankin' new gown, that was so not even released yet, with a fantastic matching mask. She asks "Do you like black?" - - "Uhh, yeah, who doesn't?!"

Next thing you know, I am in Moxie's workshop in quite possibly the most exquisite gown I have ever seen. I am not just saying that because I love Moxie, and she is a close friend. I am constantly amazed with her work. She looks at each gown with a fresh vision, new lines, ideas.... This one is unique with the sculpted bustle, there are beautiful flower details nitched into it, and the layering on the skirt is unbelievable; tulle peeks out beneath the inner layers, which are shaded perfectly, so much so, I can feel the silk running through my fingertips. There is a wonderful shawl that comes with it, which is also sculpted, and falls off your shoulder in a natural way. In addition to all of that, Moxie is working on all these marvelous masks. With this gown you get the accompanying mask, in both the worn on face, and the hand held. So I tell Moxie, in all seriousness "If I decide to go gay, I am marrying you"

Which brings me back to Berry, lol... I don't know how that relates, but lets just move along. I go through all this trouble (poor me, I know), and I send her an IM, only to find that she has left the damned party. Yea, that's right...there I am covered in new Moxie, and I got no place to go. Lucky for her I got busy with other things, and when I checked back in she was over at the Avatrait Gallery Opening... which was amazing, if you haven't been....GOOOOO!

Alright, I will shush up now... thank you Berry for giving me a reason to blog =)

Need to Knows...

Skin: Redgrave - Laura (smoky 2)
Eyes: Detour- Alpha Eyes (Hazel - Dark Sclera)
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Hair: ETD - Tiana (Crimson)
Shoes: Armidi Gisaci - Vidalia Pump (Metallic Noir)
Earrings: Paper Couture - Faceted Black Diamond Set (earrings only)
Bracelet: VG - MM Luxe - Quartz Crystal Bracelet


Strawberry Singh said...

/me is totally jealous, grabs your dress and runs like a madwoman!!! :P