This is such a fun idea. Although the idea of flipping out my bag scares me a little. haha
Here we goooooooo!

My shiny new silver bag which I looooove and its big yay!
What's inside:

*My wallet which is filled with some change, cards and a few bus tickets one for London and two for Edinburgh and a couple receipts from Tescos.
* Chanel nail polish ..ya know for touch ups just in case.
* Body Shop body butter coconut scent.
* Perfume- Gwen Stefanis . L.A.M.B cause it smells freaking awesome.
* Two lip glosses- one Motherpucker which is da bomb and the other is Benefit
* Liquid blush by Benefit called posie tint. Its the best thing in the world and lasts forever.
* Two empty packets of sugar from Costa coffee mmmm gingerbread lattes.
* One piece of Bazooka gum
* A headband ear warmer thingie my Aunt made me for Christmas.
*My little notebook filled with recipes and lyrics. If ya look hard enough there is a recipe for coleslaw and chicken haha.
*One gold pen
* My nokia phone which I lubs!
* A little pink bag which contains a bracelet my daughter got for her birthday.
* A receipt from my recent shopping trip.

That's it! Usually there is WAY more trash but this handbag is fairly new so I haven't been using it for long enough to be messy! :)


Felicity Blumenthal said...

*steals all yer makeup and tucks it into her bag*

Saeya said...

haha: "filled with recipes and lyrics"


- Sae xo

Keeley Huet said...

haha NOOO stealing and I know right recipes and lyrics..RAWK!! <3

Keeley Huet said...

If you come to my house you get a little song and some food! haha