The lovely ladies over @ SCD offered up a fun little challenge to see what we all have in your purses - - Blogger Challege: Whats in Your Bag?

I accept:

Dumped it all over the dining table so I could share with you!

The Bag: Coach, should be labeled luggage really tho.


- Wallet, which totally does not match, and really does not belong, but I am attached to it, and cannot let it go!

- Cell/Palm

- Pens, both my brand new gorgeous one, and my old faithful chococat one (everyone needs a little hello kitteh!)

- Lip gloss from Bath and Body (wanna say raspberry flavored?)

- Stride Gum

- Lotion

- Bvlgari Sunglasses (I LUBS THEM!)

- Mommy Necessities - Wipes, Tide to GO & Mini First Aid kit (come on now, you can never be TOO prepared!)

- New pack of lip glosses, which just came in the mail for a good friend.

- Stamps

- Coach Gift Card.... woohoo!

- MORE holiday cards that I just grabbed out of the mailbox

That is all that was in there, normally there are dozens of store receipts as well, but I just cleaned it out yesterday, thank god. My house keys go on the hook by the door... and yep, that is all, exciting stuff ehh?


Keeley Huet said...

<3 the Coach bag.

Tide said...

Hey Felicity, it seems like you keep your bag well organized. Nice job!

I work with Tide To Go... cool that you're a fan! By the way, have you seen our "talking stain" commercial before? CBS has included it in their top 10 Super Bowl commercials of all time! You can check it out here:

The primetime special is airing this Saturday night... we certainly would appreciate it if you vote for our commercial if you like it. That would be cool if you tune in to see where we place too. :) I hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog by the way. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. Have a nice day!