Soooo.... Achariya suggested that I do the feline skin thing, as well as accessorize from Magika, for my Dress Me Up Challenge.

I am thrilled about having the chance to do something different. I didn't have one of the new skins from Jungle Voodoo, and they have come a LONG way. I had one a long time ago, and I personally thought they were pretty...hmm....bold? This, to me is a more subtle and muted version. I also adore all the makeup options they are offering...ohh...and BONUS, they automatically come with the ears and tail!? Yay! I am wearing Tabby, Auburn - Red Night Makeup.

The second side of this, was the trip to Magika, and I have never been! *gasp* There were soooo many fantastic hairs to choose from, how did I never shop here before?! However, I had seen my friend Leeza wearing the hair I did choose, just the day before, so I had to have! I think it suits the look pretty well. With the exception of the fishnets, and the boots, everything is from Magika, so HELLO...go shop! (FYI... I am wearing the Emo Hair, Stripped Gloves, Ballerina top, Doll skirt & Lightning necklace - - yes, ALL from Magika)


Babyhoney Bailey said...

Heeeeere kitty, kitty! Rawr.