Chai, Shai & Enky

I have a few things to share today, and might be back later with more, if I can get my crap together =)

I pretty much pounced when Casa Del Shai's new Volpe Silk Blouse was released, because I had gotten a sneak preview when I saw it on Shai over at plurk. It is most definitely my new favorite blouse, I adore the sculpted bow, and the sculted sleeves. Even without any of those perks, the texturing alone is gorgeous, it is defintely geared towards the holiday season with all the shimmer and shine, but I think I will be wearing it long after the parties have past! Btw, I am wearing it in Peach.

I am also sport the new enkythings Cypa boots. They are totally different then most of what is offered out there in the boot world, in so much as they have all kinds of prints on the calves of the boots. You can get them in an assortment prints / textures and both in brown and black colored boots. I choose the Black Nightblossom, since I thought it really lent to the look with the blouse. I have good plans on getting tons of use out of them.

And finally, I have managed to make my way over to Chai and oogle at the new skins. Any time I see someone offering skins with freckles...I am SO there. And even better that it happens to be Chai, because 1- I don't have any of Launa's skins, and 2 - they are fantastic. I love the different cleavage options that you have as well as that every skin comes with the freckle option. The body is gorgeous, shading is done so well, so and touchable...just like me! *giggle* I LUV the booty btw, as you will see below. Then there is the face, and all the amazing makeup options. I am big on lip gloss, and grabbed up mostly the shiny lip smackers =)

Have a look....

The skin I am wearing is Chai Double Shot 03, and the makeups from top to bottom - - Antonia, Black Cherry, Haze & Mistress.

Need to Knows...

Eyes: Detour- Alpha Eyes (Hazel - Dark Sclera)
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Hair: (TOP) Cake - Europa, Dark Red (BOTTOM) ETD - Keeley, Crimson
Pants: :Bijou: - Fragment Pants (**part of Fragment outfit**)
Bracelet: GBL - Snowflake Cuff
Lingerie: Armidi [Intimizzio] - Harlow Rhinestone, Cotton Candy