I have some fantastic news! Keeley Huet will be joining the My Second Closet Blog! She will be accepting review copies just like me, and sharing all her thoughts.

I am so happy to have her here, not only is she a gorgeous model in SL, she has an amazing sense of style and a great personality. She is also writing for ROLE Magazine, like me, and I have known her since our time working together at Aspire.

I hope you will all give her a warm welcome, and enjoy all the great things she has to share.

The timing on this has worked out really well, as I am more and more involved with the goings on with ROLE Magazine, and feeling like I am neglecting MSC. So... I think we will together be able to share things, and keep our readers much more informed.

Above is a shot of the new MSC Logo, which you can check out over at the blog site as well!!


Ana Lutetia said...

Yay!! Looks good.


Welcome Keeley!! It will be nice to see some outfits from you! I can't wait...

But I am so jeaulous! I want to do posts with Felicity too :P LoL

<3 Ann