I have a mountain of things in my *TO BE REVIEWED* folder. I am slowly but surely going to work my way out of there. My main focus today is the new Belleza Skins! I have had them since last week I think?! I just haven't had the chance to blog them.

I know I tend to go on about skins when I review them. Really that is simply because anything I do choose to share here, is exceptional. I am not going to show you skins I think are just okay. So while I am thinking of far above and beyond okay.... lets talk Belleza's new skin - - Belle. I am wearing the pale skin in all the shots below, fyi. I am mentioning that because while it is a lighter skin tone, there is so much warmth to it, not pasty white at all. I can really appreciate that, because I do favor a pale skin, as you all know.

The make up selection is wonderful, you have a ton to choose from. Which seems to be pretty par for the course at this point in the skin game. But where skin designers are really excelling these days is in the body detailing. This body is just flawless, the shading has the perfect effect on all the right curves.

I think everyone is talking about them, on nearly every blog, and that is not at all a coincidence. I haven't seen anyone thus far that these skins don't do justice to. While I am thinking of that... because I have had these for days on end, they are actually available to the public as of now. So fight the crowds and get your hands on a few dozen!

I figured I might as well also share some of the newness from TRUTH while I am at it. Will make it quick tho.... Fabo jacket, love the sculpted collar, and the belt and jacket detailing. Comes in tons of great shades.... ohhh and lookie at these hotttt boots. Yep, TRUTH as well. The also come in delicious colors, and are probably completely different then any other pair you have, which is reason enough to go snatch em' up.

*Make ups above... Image 1 - bronzed mocha. Image 2 - Full Body - bronzed mocha, Top to Bottom: Amethyst Kisses, Swirls in the Nude, and Smokey Rubies.
Need to Knows...

Eyes: Detour- Alpha Eyes (Hazel - Dark Sclera)
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Jeans: Armidi - Grace Jeans (Antique)
Hair: =TEKUTEKU= - Coco (Red)
Scarf: Thimbles - Lets Go To Bed - Scarf (Brown Stripes)
Earrings: DP - Round Bamboo Hoop Earrings (Medium Silver)