Hello everyone ! :) I have a few bits and pieces to share with you guys today from the winter range at the fabulous store Cachet. Honestly walking in Cachet is like being a child walking into a toy shop. They just have everything you would possibly need to make the perfect outfit. From handbags, dresses, trousers, sweaters, jackets, leggings, gloves and so much more.

The first look here is more of a playful formal one. The "Clipping" dress is just incredible, I just adore it. The texture is newspaper clippings hence the name. One thing that makes this dress fabulous is that it comes with 3 different skirt options, reg, AO, and skirt sitter script. The AO inbuilt in the skirt is perfect. You change from three different casual positions and there is also a walk which is smooth and fluent. So no more bottoms hanging out of your prims which is a nice change. :) I paired it with the "Scarftube knit2" cause really it's so incredibly made and I cant get enough of scarfs these days. The skin is the latest from MMS " London"range . I thought the neon lips and thick eyeliner went perfect with this outfit. It's sorta of a funky ballerina look!

The second look I have gone for consists of the brilliant "Solange" skirt. I love this skirt. The way it hangs and the tweed texture is to die for. It's one of those skirts that can be dressed up with killer heels or dressed down with a pair of winter boots and tights. I paired it with the "Dietrich" shirt and the "Dietrich" tie. The tie is great cause its color changing so with one click it can match with anything you want to wear it with.I wanted to go for a sorta sexy office look. Instead of tights I put on a pair of leggings also from Cachet mainly cause I am all about the leggings and the color matched the tie perfect.

Okay with this third look I used the "LALA" coat. This is my fave coat on the grid hands down. It's just so lovely. The shape the texture the built in AO. I adore it. It has rarely left my pixels since I received it. The detailing on the buttons and the cuffs is just fabulous. It looks good over just tights or skin tight trousers paired with a killer heel. The MMS skin that I wore for this picture is also my favorite. I love the contrasting deep lip color and the light eye make-up.

My final look is a winter inspired one. As soon as I laid my eyes on the "Fur hat" I NEEDED it. You rarely find hats on the grid that are this awesome. I love how realistic the fur looks. I paired with the awesome "Wrap shirt" and a pair of the equally awesome "Chalize" trousers. These trouser have also rarely left my pixels . I love them they are so versatile. I added the " loveJUNKYbag" cause good accessories are hard to find and this bag is a true jem. It also has a built in AO option so no more arm sticking straight out syndrome. Which I think is fantastic.

So get your bottoms down to Cachet and MMS. You wont be disappointed. :)

K <3

Stuffs that is worn

Picture one:
Skin: MMS London " pale" 10b
Hair: Aden-Mariya ( platinum)
Dress: Cachet- Clippings dress1
Scarf: Cachet- Scarftube_knit2- black
Tights- Artilleri- pink fishnets
Eyelashes- The oBscene
Eyes: Redgrave( sand)

Picture two:
Skin: MMS London "pale" 4b
Hair: Lis_noir- Geisha (platinum)
Shirt: Cachet Dietrich shirt- white
Tie: Cachet- Dietrich
Skirt: Cachet- Solange ( dark1)
Leggings: Cachet ( reds)
Heels- Lis_noir-Robin RAWK
Eyelashes- The oBscene
Eyes: Redgrave( sand)

Picture three:
Skin: MMS London "pale"9b
Hair: Lis_noir- Mercedes( blanc)
Coat: Cachet- LALAcoat ( gray)
Pants: Chalize ( black)
Gloves: Savvy( coal riding gloves)
Ring: MinaJunk_ Pig on a pearl ring
Earrings:Untone quilt- Drop( silver)
Eyelashes- The oBscene
Eyes: Redgrave( sand)

Picture four:
Skin: MMS London "pale"5b
Hair: ETD Yvette( blonde) edited to fit the hat
Hat- Cachet- FURHAT ( tan)
Shirt: Cachet- Wrap shirt( brown)
Pants: Cachet- Chalize( brown)
Scarf: Cachet- Scarftube ( liac)
Shoes Tesla-Marie shoes( purple royal)
Bag- Cachet- LoveJUNKYbag ( plum)
Eyelashes- The oBscene
Eyes: Redgrave( sand)

Shape in every picture made by me.