ROLE Magazine is hosting it's very first flickr photo contest!

Contest Theme:

Reading ROLE Magazine

Contest Dates:

December 14th - January 15th
*Winner to be announced / displayed in the February issue of ROLE Magazine, on or about February 1st 2009.

What we want you to do:

Show us where and how you read ROLE Magazine. In bed? Under a tree? On the beach? However you do it, we wanna see!



**As a special thank you to all of our in-world kiosk locations, for displaying a ROLE Magazine kiosk; we will be randomly drawing for 2 FREE full page ads for the February issue.** (If you would like to display a ROLE Magazine Kiosk, and be automatically entered to win the free ad, you can get you kiosk at onrez, or in world at ROLE Magazine HQ.

1. In the description of your entry include:
Your Second Life avatar name:

2. Post processing is allowed and encouraged.
3. ROLE Magazine must be visible in image (opened or closed).
4. Submit all your pictures to the ROLE Magazine flickr group.

In joining this group, you agree to all the terms and conditions listed in the rules. The committee has picture veto power if the photo is inappropriate in any way. ROLE Magazine has the right to reproduce, edit and use submitted images.

KIOSK LOCATIONS: To get a copy of ROLE Magazine, please teleport to one of the in-world ROLE Magazine kiosk locations. See the list HERE.

For any questions drop a notecard in the mailbox next to the entrance at ROLE Magazine HQ and we will get back to you.