Cachet & MMS

I have a boatload of new Cachet goodies to share. So does Keebs for that matter! I will start this round off, then pass it along to her for part II....

In all of the looks below I am wearing the new London skin from MMS. I am not going to do a full on skin review, because a few have already. I do want to point out how much the skins have grown on me! I love the direction Minnu has went with them, which is a change, as once upon a time I didn't love the way they looked on me at all. I tend towards a softer look, I do like a lot of fun makeup, but in the mix of things, I want to have a good base. Also, I did go with the Sunkissed look this time around, which is a change, when I always seem to lean towards the pale skins. But I don't feel burnt or orange! LOL Anyway, I promised not to rattle on. I am sure Keebs will have a bit to share on her end as well.

First look is the Ocean dress in yellow. In addition to the prim skirt, you get an added prim piece for the chest, with the colored detailing. Which really adds to the dress, IMO. The underlaying tulle is all part of the sculpted prim skirt, and you get all kinds of options in the folder. The skirt AND the chest piece come with an optional AO. The skirt also comes with a sitting script. What does all that mean? Well, I think it is a great option, for one thing most of us these days have AOs, that unfortunately, can do really ulgy things to sculpted prim clothing - - body parts sticking out, skirts turned at an arkward angle, etc. So, giving me the optional AO, which overrides mine, makes the whole look really smooth, and makes me want to put it on over and over. There are quite a few pieces in the new line that have this little option, and I have to give the Cachet ladies kudos on that end... I've not really seen this done on this level, and its a fantastic idea. I am also sporting the Leopard Clutch for this look, which also comes with an AO, and the chair or no chain option.

Next shot I am featuring the Turtle Neck and Wool Pants... I love this turtleneck, as well as most of the Cachet sculpted tops. Their neck pieces are alway done so well, all of the folds and creases are perfect. I also love the long sleeves, that come out over the hand. Yes they are sculpted as well. The pants are also very mentionable, as they are not SKIN tight pants, with a flare or boot cut bottom. You will notice they are practically straight legged, with a hint of the cuff at the bottom. The texturing really does give you a wool feeling as well.

Moving along to Image 3 - the Solange skirt and vest.... I think this might actually be my favorite thing out of the line. At first glance I don't know that I would have thought that, but after putting it on, and seeing how cute the look is...I am sold! I love the sculpted vest, the entire thing is sculpted fyi, and it fit me perfectly! The skirt is great as well, I love the fact that you can also wear them as gaucho pants really. If you just leave off the skirt attachment, they look perfect just like that. BUT...the skirt is cute, and gives me a good reason to sport the great leggings as well.

And finally... my new favorite thing.. the Mimi coat! I am wearing it along with the Tabitha sweater dress and Saggy bag. I am thrilled with, the length is perfect, and with the bonus of the AO, it doesn't do all kinds of freaky things when I am wearing it. Great collar, and buttons, and the texturing is lovely as well. The sweater dress looks perfect under it as well, and so does the bag, which again comes with an AO, thats fun, and it is worn very realistically.

Alright, so thats my take on all the new goodies over at Cachet, its a perfect time of year to go get your shopping done!! Head on OVER!

Need to Knows:

the oBscene - Collection Contacts 007 (Green)
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes

Image 1
Hair: ::69:: - J.LO (fireyred / black)
Shoes: Maitreya - Slinky Stilettos (Black)
Jewelry: =DeLa*= - "Callas" Earrings and Bangles (Black)

Image 2
Hair: Pixel Dust - Janie (Crimson)
Shoes: Pixel Mode - Posh Boots (Black)
Belt: Maitreya - Leather Belt (Dark Brown)
Image 3
Hair: TRUTH - Ruby (Flame)
Boots: League - Sinead Boots (Blue)
Bracelet: VG - MM Luxe - Quartz Crystal Bracelet
Earrings: ::Genesis:: - Glitter Ball Earrings

Image 4
Hair: ::69:: - Happy (Fireyred)
Earrings: =DeLa*= - "Callas" Earrings (Black)
Boots: Bax Boots - Snakeskin, over the knee