Hello all :)

So I was wandering around some shops and I bumped into the owner of the store Lost Dreams. She handed over the landmark and I quickly tped on over to see what was on offer. I love finding new stores to blow my lindens in. The first thing that caught my eye was a fab dress called Priscilla. It's the cutest black and white dress. The shape of it is perfect cause its not too long but short enough. The neckline is lovely it allows kick ass bewbage which is always a bonus right? It also comes in grey and black. The store is filled with dresses ranging from casual to evening ball gowns. So sorta a one stop shop for dresses. You also get a cute shiny gold shirt for joining the group which is a subscribe machine for all of us who are up to our limit! :)

lost dreams taxi:

What's worn:
Skins: Bebae: Belina *cara* Cat eye1A, Smokey
Hairs: Dejavu:2009 otoshidama, Kin: Enid- blonde, Waka Yuki : 66-black
Headband: Juicy: freebie
Glasses: Heart attack and Vine: black
Lolli:[pf] heart lolli
Socks: Corduroy-knee highs: hot pink, Sh*t happens tube socks- black
Shoes: Royal blue: peeping tom-jet, Porn star: xtra high tops
Necklace:Chicoco:chain necklace, Creamshop: cock swan
bangle: Armidi: healing tiger


Heidi Volare said...

Looks like we had the same idea today.


What are the chances?! You look fab.


Anonymous said...

Love the stripey dresses!

Keeley Huet said...

Yes yippeeee for the stripes!