Skin Flicks

I am not taking this outfit off. Plan on seeing me in to for days on end, k? I love this top, instant fave. I'd like to have it in every color under the rainbow, thank you very much.

Mavis of Skin Flicks spoils me. She shares newness with me all the time. Because they are like the most amazing quality clothing certainly doesn't hurt. So let me tell you about this Skirt and Top...

The shirt is called Billy Joe, it only comes with the open option, tho I suppose you could wear a tank under it or something (she gives you both the shirt and jacket layers)... umm... but why? The texturing shows off all the creasing and shading just right, the knot is an attachable part, which I love, but so are the sleeve cuffs and the collar. All of it together is just hotness.

Then there is the skirt, which for as far as I can tell was just labled black skirt. But its done really well again. The tie on it again, is an attachable piece, which really adds dimension, and even the elastic detailing at the waist of the skirt offsets all the black layering.

Course I should also mention the skin I am wearing, which is, you guessed it Skin Flicks! Mavis has been revamping her whole line, and I believe she told me yesterday that only the new skins are in the store. I am wearing the Sadie Skin, Natural Beige M6. Lots of different makeup options are offered! What I particularly love about this Sadie skin, are the freckles. I adore freckles! The Sadie is the only in the line that has freckles, so if its not your thing, not a problem. I would really suggest going down and having a look at the demos... I was really impressed with the lips and the overall face sheen on a few of the other skins!

Need to Knows....

Eyes: the oBscene - Collection Contacts 007 (Green)
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Hair: Magika - Emo (Red B)
Shoes: Armidi Gisaci - Kyoto Boots (Black/Gold)
Bracelets: =DeLa*= - Callas (Black B), Bonita's Jewelry - Gold Links Wrapped Bracelet
Earrings: Yummy - Beaded Hoop


Keeley Huet said...

I loooooove the skirt!