Happy Monday Everyone!

I've got so many items that need reviewing, and I've just....ummm.... had my head up my ass? I dunno, no better explanation really... ohh well... RL work I suppose. But since when does RL interfere with SL?!

I thought I would try and share a few new things (new for me at least) So, I can feel a bit less guilty, and so YOU can shop!

I've never shopped at SWA before... and was thrilled when I had a walk around the store last week. I particularly love her blouses. The texturing is really detailed, and while there are no fancy sculpted parts, they stand on their own. After all, really without the good texturing, what is an SL top?

There was also a really fun Tartan set! Great belt comes with it, color options, leggings.... annnnd a fun beret! Yum!

I have also managed to give you lots of newness in the boots category! Tya of Pixel Mode shared her new Danielle boots with me last week, and it was instant love. I am really partial to over the knee boots, and these stand out with the cute bow at the back!

You can also check out the open toed boots from Royal Blue, which lace all the way up! They are different, which is always a bonus, as my boot collection has a life of its own. Then there are the ankle boots, which also come from Royal Blue. I LOVE them. The belting detail, and the way they are sculpted to kinda *slouch* a bit... <3

One last mention... I made my way over to Dark Mouse for the first time last week as well, and I am so happy to add all that jewelry to my collection. Most things are sold in sets. There are belts, earrings, bangles...necklaces... you name it!

That will do it for me today.... unless I get up the energy to blog some more from the increasing collection!

Need to Knows...

Skin: Belleza - Belle Pale Ameythst Kisses
Eyes: the oBscene - Collection Contacts 007 (Green)
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes

Look 1-
Clothes: SWA - Roman Halter & Silk Pants (black)
Boots: Royal Blue - Heavy Metal Gold (Charcole)
Hair: ::69:: - Miracle Hair (fireyred)
Jewelry: Dark Mouse - Sea Star Bangle & Hoop Earrings

Look 2 -
Clothes: SWA - Cross Top (Wild Snake Silver), PerfectFit MiniSkirt (Charcol)
Boots: Pixel Mode - Danielle Knee Boots (Black)
Hair: ::69:: - Miracle Hair (fireyred)
Jewelry: Dark Mouse - Sea Star Bangle & Hoop Earrings

Look 3 -
Clothes: SWA - Tartan (Pink Plaid) *Turtle Neck (black), Mini Skirt, White Belt, Beret & Charcoal Leggings*
Boots: Royal Blue - Tied Metal (Charcol & Silver)
Hair: TRUTH – Katy (Jupiter-Flame)
Jewelry: Dark Mouse - Sea Star Hoop Earrings


Keeley Huet said...

Royal blue stuff is the best. I am in slove with the new boots tooooo! :)