Skin Flicks Minis!

When you have a care package waiting for you from Skin Flicks, you immediately stop whatever it is that you are doing, and scoot your booty in world.

Which is just what I did yesterday. This time around we are a far cry from the recent sweaters and winter wear. Matter of fact, I am barely dressed! Mavis has done everything right with this new line of Minis. There are many colors to choose from, and you have a few layer options. The different styles are so much fun. I can't really choose which one I like best... ohh alright... I am sorta partial to Sophie (which you can catch below in red). The other styles are Emily (Hot Pink), and Tracy (Gold).

I'd also have to make a mention of the new ankle boots from Adam n Eve - Anessa ... They have a clever buckle around them, and are sculpted divinely. They also come in array of colors, you can even pick leather or suede! I particularly love the heel on them, just super sexy. I am wearing the Scarlet Special.

Need to Knows:

Skin: Redgrave - Chloe (Smoky 2)
Eyes: the oBscene - Collection Contacts 007 (Green)
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
amerie's NAUGHTY - Mint (fireyred)
GBL - Solitare Heart Earrings (Silver)
Bonita's - Red & Gold Hearts Bracelet