Kings Rezzable

I was thrilled to be invited to check out the new Kings Rezzable Sim yesterday. I was invited to the fashion show of Digital Alchemy - Fashion Inspired by Ancient Egypt, which was arranged for a small group of Bloggers. The sim is really an amazing visit, complete with hippos! The fashion show - - extremely well done. Beyond the incredible fashions that were displayed, was the interesting stage design, even the model's entrance!

The main fashion show will be on Friday February 6 at 2pm SLT. You will be able to catch designs by Nicky Ree, Casa Del Shai, Kunglers, SySy, Digit Darkes, Exile and many many more!

I am featuring just 2 of the lovely looks - -

The first is Casa del Shai's Eternal Nefertari Blue. I love the fact that she made the bodice semi sheer! If you wear both shirt layers, as I am, you don't see quite as much skin shading, but certainly try out something a bit more risque. The colors are beautiful, as blue is my favorite color, I choose this one. You also get the added bonus of both bracelets! I like that Shai didn't make the top matchy matchy, and that clearly one side is showing more bewb then the other *giggle*. Sleeve detailing is lovely too, overall a very soft feminine feel.

Second is Kunglers' Amanra. With this one you really get 2 different dresses. Because Ava decided that she wanted it to be more pracitcal. So you have a more fanciful look (which I am shwowing), that includes; armbands with fabric attachments, a more adorned necklace, and a more detailed skirt with jeweled accent. I love the more extravagant look, and am thrilled that you get the necklace with it, it is a great piece. The texturing on the top is terrific as well. I am impressed with the wrapped fabric design, really lends to the egyptian feel that she was going for.

Other mentions... My fantastic hair - - Cleo Bob, by Inorite. Obviously we know where the name came from, and the hair jewels are an attachment, so you can really get mutiple uses out of this look as well. Which was why I was thrilled to pick it up in my red tone - rust.

And lastly, but most certainly not least... the SKIN! Kuja of the oBscene did a fantastic job with the makeups! They are called CLEO, and you can get them in an assortment of makeup colors! I am wearing them in Gold Peacock, and Blue Peacock.


Keeley Huet said...

Dude I love that hair and skin on you!<3

Lokum Shilova said...

Omg You look absolutely stunning in those two outfits It was wonderful to have you in the show