Mardi Gras

I felt like celebrating today... I still haven't made my way to New Orleans for Mardi Gras... one day I will.

So, what isssss Mardi Gras?

The terms "Mardi Gras" refers to events of the Carnival celebrations, ending on the day before Ash Wednesday. From the French term "Mardi Gras" (literally "Fat Tuesday"), the term has come to mean the whole period of activity related to those events, beyond just the single day, often called Mardi Gras Day or Fat Tuesday.

So the basic idea is; lots of music, dancing in the streets, parades, alcohol, colorful wild clothing and CELEBRATION. Ohh... and umm beaded necklaces fit in there somewhere. =)

I am not necessarily showing you anything new, just one of my favorite festive gowns from Moxie Polano's. It screams Mardi Gras to me, the green tones, and the fun mask. I think if you are spending your night celebrating in world, this would be the perfect ensemble.

Need to Knows...

Skin: Gala - Vixen, Petal FREX [Light] (Capri 2)
Hair: Influence - Drama (Dusk) *This hair is on sale, only 50L$*
Earrings: Skin Flicks - Shell set (earrings only)