New Gala Skins

When I received the group gift, and tried on the Gala skins for the first time. I mean that literally, too, I've never worn any Gala before, I was so pleasantly surprised. Besides the flawless body, with the perfect sheen, and shadowing everywhere.... the face/makeups are really terrific.

You get a good selection of makeup options too, with ranging colors, and even different lip tones with each one as well. But what was really key in making theses skins a must have for me were the freckles.

Everyone knows I love my freckle skins! What makes these special? The freckles are all over.... down the arms, legs, across the belly. Which is a rare find in SL. Generally you get facial freckles, sometimes even a bit on the chest... but very rarely ALL over. SO.... I was sold.

Below is a sampling of the Lovely - Petal FREX [Light], and Vixen - Petal FREX [Light]


Bri Bellic said...

Well one thing about these skins is that each one has a different look .. which is kinda odd to me .. one looks sad .. one looks normal .. one look stern .. and one looks angry. The freckles are very cute and even noticed some umm fresh razor burn =D but it looked really nice .. one part of her was very shaded, which for regular outings would be fine .. but any late night shenanigans might be noticeable but who kisses with their eyes open *wink*

One of the best realistic I have seen...

Felicity Blumenthal said...

I think the facial expressions are pretty wild...between the sad/angry. But like you said the realism is done very well, and I like skins that make me look sweet and innocent. It is a good cover. =)