Hello lovlies,

I thought I would let you in on an awesome store called Fear and Clothing.I was so thrilled when I was dropped some items yesterday. The shop itself is located in a fabulous looking shopping area called Londoom which is also worth a wander.
The minute I opened the box and saw low rise tartan trousers I was excited. I looooove tartan trousers and the ones from Fear and clothing have to be one of the best I have seen on the grid. They are the cuuuuutest. They are low waisted, beautifully textured and there is an awesome belt buckle that attaches to the waist line. Which is great cause you don't have to fiddle around with prim that goes around your hips. I am forever trying to edit belts around my bottom.:/ Fear and Clothing also offers some low rise trousers in a stripe design which is just as cute. There are tons of colors to choose from from neutral colors like brown to the ones I am wearing in the picture below which is cherry. Also in store is a fantastic Sharkskin jacket. Actually this jacket is highly versatile. It could easily be dressed up with heels and a dress or dressed down with a pair of jeans. It has cute little skull buttons on it and there are two different versions one with chains one without. Fear and clothing also do jewelry and tee shirts amongst other things. It's not only a shop for girls it's a shop for boys to soooo head on over yo cause it's the awesome.

What's worn:

Hairs:(Maiterya)-Piper II-Pitch,(Mirai style)Daie: Chocolate,(ilamb)Breeze:kit kat
Shirt/Jacket:(Runoruno)knit tank,(Runoruno)knit tank(Thimbles)Ordinary tube- black,(Fear& Clothing) Sharkskin: black no chains.
Trousers:(Fear&Clothing)low rise tartan- red,low rise stripe-cherry, (Boom)Tweed pants- charcoal
Shoes:(Pornstar)Slip ons-multi colored(big skull pattern chosen)
Necklace:(Fear&Clothing)Chain mail necklace
Earrings:(creamshop)Glam earrings-red
Ring:(minajunk) pig on a pearl

Taxi for Fear & Clothing: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Goldbach/90/165/28