MG Fashion

So if I tell you I am like the most irresponsible blogger lately, will you hate me?

I have literally been going back and forth with Maria Gherardi of MG Fashion for like 2 months. Really?! Anyway, I kept meaning to go and shop there, and was distracted...but I finally got my self together and went over.

I am so glad I did, and so sorry its taken me this long to share. I love everything in the shop. OMG and the new jackets, which I am not even sharing, but saw on the feeds. They are so great! I must get over and buy them SOON!

Maria does great sculpting work, which in addtion to her talents with texturing gives you a fantastic product. I am showing you her Bow Front Cardigan an also her Lune Chic Sweater dress...which are relatively new releases. You get lots of layering options, and even attachment points with the cardigan. Which comes in handy when you start accessorizing, etc.

Thank you so much for sharing with me Maria, and again, so sorry I am a slacker!! *hugs*

Need to Knows:

Skin: Genesis - Eden, Nutmeg (Reflection, Irish Eyes) Freckles
Hair: SLink - Ashley (Dark Reds)
Shirt: Armidi - Cambridge - Ajan Creme wWhite
Pants: DP yumyum - drop Capri pants(whiteSmoke)
Shoes: Courtisane - Prelude (Dotturquoise)
Boots: Redgrave - Girls Biker Boots (Olive)