Kyoot <3

Hello lovelies :)

It's been a wee while and what better way to bring me out of hibernation is the awesomeness that Saeya Nyanda has produced. Her store Kyoot has always been a fave of mine and her hairs have been firm staple of my sl wardrobe and OMG her new hair is everything I would ever want into a hair rolled up into sculpted perfection. It's called self absorbed and honestly I may never take it off. It's sexy, funky and pretty much goes with any look. I love the braid in the front and the flowing wavy locks down the back. Seriously go buy it nooooow cause its the awesome.

Kyoot hairs make me THAT Happy fact!

What's worn yo :
Skin: Curio(Sundust)vixen
Earrings:S&S(Love pierce)
Top: Kyoot:Last resort swimsuit in Taupe.. cause swimwear on the outside is hot.


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