AMBIANCE Furniture

So, this is new to My Second Closet. I don't ever review furniture, but I was SO impressed with a few finds at the Home Expo, I had to share it with the readers.

AMBIANCE is totally new to me, and they have an enormous store, with miles of furniture for you to select from. Desiree Bisani and Cheewha Palen are the owners and create Kitchens, Dining Rooms, Living Rooms, Bedrooms and Bathrooms.

On first take, you will be impressed with the scuplting and texturing skills, in addition to the wide selection you are offered. They create quite a few different styled sets for each room, and they come fully accessorized if you buy them in a package. You get books, wall pictures, fireplaces.... every little item you need to complete your space.

But what pushes them ahead of the crowd and makes their stand out, is the fact that when you click on their furniture, you are greeted with a menu. So not only can you rezz various poses, whether they be single or couple....buttttt.... here comes the fantastic part: The entire set is texture change. You get about 4 different textures with each purchase. So it is like getting 4 different sets of furniture.... because in some cases, its not just the color its the texture. And when I say 4 different sets, I mean, EVERYTHING changes: wood, marble, cushions, pillows, etc.

I am showing you a bedroom set, living room, and bathroom.... just so you can not only see the texture change but also the great craftsmanship that is offered.

(click to enlarge images)

Keep in mind not every set in the store comes with this option, but a great many do. I highly suggest that you stop by the store, and have a look around, and test out the sets for yourself!


Zoe Demar said...

Wow, I'm impressed - great post Felicity!