In addition to my previous furniture find post.... I have another!

While at the Home Expo I was also lucky enough to come across Belle Belle, which was again, new to me. I loved the sculpting detail on what I saw at the expo, and immediately went over to the sim to see what else was in store!

Leyla Firefly is the designer behind Belle Belle, and you will be floored by the selection you have at her 2 sim location. She sells most of her lines in distinct sets, labeled accordingly, and most have selections like: Living Room. Bedroom, Kitchen, Bath, and office. Each line is very different from each other, and you can certainly find something in your taste. All of the scuplting is exquisite and the texturing is as well.

In addition to that, her beds are menu driven, with a ton of selection! Which, if you are looking for that, I highly suggest. She also makes a tub along the same lines, and a rug as well. You could probably spend few hours just wandering around her store exploring.

Another fantastic find at Belle Belle were the Perfect View windows. Which can fit right in over existing windows in your home, and are packed with features like: Open and closable curtains (which you can buy in the matching fabric to your set), Views like: beach, city, spring, etc., Privacy settings for the outside view, and finally what I found really neat, the option to turn on a snow or rain effect, which is animated.

(click to enlarge images)

So if you have never been, please have a stop by Belle Belle, I think you will find something you will love!


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Mansoor jan said...

You could apparently absorb few hours just abnormality about her abundance exploring.The furniture designing is excellent that improve the appearance of your interiors and the stylish double beds make it more attracting .