Hey Y'all!

Finding a moment this Memorial Day weekend to share some newness with you all!

I thought I would share the new Dutch Touch skins, partially cause they are awesome, and also because I have new Insolence lingerie to pair up with it! Yay!

Iki's new Star skins are delicious... I am finding lately its getting harder and harder to find skins that match my shape. I am unwilling to change my shape, I've had the same one since day one. So if a skin doesn't look good on me... then its just well... useless.

So lucky for me, everything *fits* with this skin, I love the big plump lips, and the eyes, and of course the freckle option. Gotta have my freckles. Great skin tones, they are all warm shades, regardless if they are pale or dark. I actually think I like the darker WalNut tone the best, which is really rare for me. But theres just something about it. I love all the smoky eye shadows, and the varied lip shades, and well as all of the body shading.

Like I said earlier, I am also sporting the new Insolence lingerie - - Emily Tulle Set. It comes in an assortment of colors, and they are all subtle. You get just a hint of the pink color with this set. It does also come with a corset layer, which I am not wearing, just so I could show the skin off better.

Dutch Touch Star skins from top to bottom:
Cream MU6 FR, Peach MU5, The Deck Cream MU1 (only available @ The Deck), & WalNut MU10.