Deviance is an amazing store, if you don't already know. Surreal LeShelle is the creator behind all of the amazing items you find there. I think she is best known for her amazing costumes. She takes great care in adding fine detailing, and working in sculpties. Most all of her costumes are complete sets, packed with different ways to wear, and accessories to complete the look.

But I am not even going to talk about the costumes, because she just released the best leather pants evah!! If you are a member of her group, you can actually snag the black pair as a group gift.. boooonus! I have the multipack, and am going to show you a few of the color options.

In addition to the multitude of colors, each pair also comes with different designs. Every color has the same designs, no matter which you choose. From a plain pair, to dragon designs, to stars. EVEN the scuplted pant legs have different options, either plain or one with a flame design on them.

Of course they are textured perfectly, as is everything else in Surreal's store. Have a look... and try and make a trip down to Deviance soon!

Need to Knows:

Skin: LeLutka - London Sunkissed (makeup 1b)
Hair: Exile - Janine (Scarlett)
Eyes: Poetic Eyes - Autumn Beach (medium)
Tattoo: Artilleri - Maggie Tattoo
Lashes: Cake - Bedroom Lashes
Vest: Deviance - Sexy Cowgirl Vest
Boots: League - Sinaed Boots (Black)
Bracelet: Armidi - Healing Koi Bangle (Coal)


Celebrity said...

I bought these pants (and vest) because of this post. TY.

Felicity Blumenthal said...

=) Yay Celeb!! Hope you love em!

Jeff Smith said...

nice post love reading it.
leather pants