Tuli Hope Skins

The new Tuli Hope skins will be hitting the store this Friday June 5th. But I am more then happy to share with you right now....

Well, at least what they LOOK like...

I just want to mention quickly a few things... first is how much better the newer Tuli skins seem to fit my shape. I was always envious of how great they looked on others, and then not so much on me. BUT... that seems to have changed.... Yay!

I think she has done a terrific job with the overall skin tones, I am giving you a sample of all of them. I also think its terrific that I have the ability to use my natural eyebrows...RED. I don't get that enough...so THANK YOU TULI!

Hope comes in 5 skin tones (pale, fair, sunkissed, tan and dark tan) and 10 makeups per tone (natural, avenue, blush, gala, gig, kitten, sultry, summer, tequila and vivid). Each makeup includes 4 eyebrow colors (light, redhead, brown and black).

Everything about Tuli's skins are soft and feminine, including shading, and the face details. But we also have a wide range of make ups!! I am soooo excited about that. You get red lips, neutral lips, glossy pink lips... and even a couple of wild eye shadows!

*In the full body shot I am wearing the Kitten Makeup in Dark Tan.

You might also notice the fantastic bikini I am sporting?! Skin Flicks... brand newness! It might be a *simple bikini* called Beach Bum but, a few things to note: the bikini bottoms are much higher cut then probably any others you will find. the upper part is worked onto the undershirt layer along with the top. So you end up with a bikini bottom that falls JUST bellow your belly button... You also have sculpted side ties, and the back tie on the top! All comes together lovely.

I matched up the suit with a great set of Jewelry from EarthStones called Bali Crescent - Silver/Chrysocolla. You can get the Earrings and Necklace together, and then the bracelet sold separately.

Happy Monday!