PART I - Tres Blah

I am not sure where all the hours in the day seem to go to. When I get up in the morning, I have this mental list established, and amongst my RL "chores", I have this imaginary list of things I would like to accomplish in SL. I am one of those people, who cannot rest until I have finished something I have set out to do. You know the obnoxious, obsessive type? Yea, that's me!

So, I don't get out in SL as much as I would like, because of my list, and places I used to love to visit, just don't get visited. Over the last week, I have gone to TONS of places, some I have never been before, and others that it has just been ages. So while your idea of getting out, might not be mine, shopping is my thing. So here is Part I, and as I manage to edit all of these photos, look for Part II, III, IV, etc....

So, who knew
Tres Blah had a new location in Le Zoo?! (I have been living under a rock apparently) Tulli is there (this is a *new* find for me....which there WILL be a future post about...did I mention I did TONS of shopping?!), but I didn't even check out the rest of the sim, which btw, is great!!! Take a stroll, really, you must...for me? Okay, so back to Tres Blah, I have always been a fan, have lots of stuff in my closet. It is SUCH a great little boutique shop. The selection is not enormous, but the quality far exceeds what one might expect. You will mainly find tops; t-shirts, sweaters, vests, etc. Some come with layering options! They do have some cute purses, and glasses, and a few other items, but the tops....really, you need a few. I selected 4 must haves for my collection, and took some nice shots for you!

Please Click the Pic to ZOOM in and get a better look!

Top Left:
Belted Top, with white smock layer from Bottom Left set. This is a great top, the v-neck on it was created realistically to not sit perfectly on your avie, and the highly detailed textures on the belt is fabbbbb!
Top Right:
Peasant Top (Green). Yes Yes, its Flexi!! Shows off a bit of your belly, and comes in lots of colors (5 to be exact). I choose the green, because, well, I just don't have enough green in my closet. *giggle* The flower stitching across the top, again, great textures. Something fun to throw on with your crop jeans and wedges *hint, hint*
Bottom Left:
Sweater with Blue Smock Tube Top. The overlaying sweater is semi transparent, which is great, because the different smocks you put under it come through. This top comes with ALL 5 colored smocks, and a TINTABLE one too, in case you have your own crazy color combo to create! Yay!
Bottom Right:
Polka Dot Sweater Set (Ocean). Love, Love, Loveeeeee this sweater set! There are 5 colors to choose from, I went with the ocean (blue). I love it, did I mention that? I am wearing it right now, as I type this (with a cute pair of their glasses I might add). It is belted, has that great layer look, and as always highly detailed. Looks great over my jeans, or I can throw on some slacks, and it will dress it up a bit.

Other Items Pictured:

Hair: ETD - Perky (Sunny Burnt)

Jeans:The Abyss - Cuffed Capri

Earrings: Earthtones - Journey Circle Set (Gold)

Skin: Redgrave - Venus Tan (Peach)

Eyes: Redgrave - Julia (Romantic Green)